Peter Dulborough in Concert. Friday 9th December, Florence

Peter Dulborough in Concert in Florence

‘Cuculia libreria con cucina’

Via dei Serragli 3/R

I am back in concert for an evening playing a mixture of old and new songs at the trendy and popular bar and meeting point – ‘Cuculia’.‘Cuculia in Libreria con cucina’ is a small and intimate venue. It has all sorts of exhibitions and shows and small acoutstic gigs.

I’ll be playing my established set of song such as ‘Heading for the Shore’ and ‘Laburnum Trees’ as well as some new songs.

I’ll be joined for the evening by Giada Catalano.

Giada has a wonderful voice and is also a songwriter. She’ll sing a couple of my songs as well as her own, and will be providing backing vocals.

It should be a great night and I hope those of you in Florence can come along!

The music start soon after 9pm and with a short interval will finish at 11pm.

The atmosphere of the venue is very relaxed and lively … and they do great cocktails!

See you there!




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