‘Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts’ (Paul Simon).  Musical heroes exist not just for their sound, but for their vision and the spirit of their songs. It takes time to develop an original style. Musical heroes and visionaries play their part in helping us find our path to the sound, spirit and essence this is uniquely our own.

Early Influences

Without a doubt, my first song writing heroes were The Beatles. And the real source of inspiration was George Harrison, who was the first Beatle to look outside of the narrow confines and trappings of fame and look for a deeper spiritual quality and message in music. If ever there was a template for my early inspiration it was George Harrison. The other influence was Paul Simon whose unique melodies, rhythms and lyrical turn had a profound impact on me. Two other American singer songwriters whose songs struck a chord were Leonard Cohen and James Taylor.

Piano inspiration

My piano style bears some similarities to Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Enaudi whose melodic phrasing I love. However, it is the wonderful touch and lyrical expression of Keith Jarrett that had the profoundest influence on me as a pianist, and Jarrett is without a doubt my greatest piano hero.

Later  influences

Bands such as U2, Radiohead and Coldplay are part of the fabric of my subconscious musical influences.

My greatest source of  inspiration  however is someone I discovered  more recently –  Nick Drake. ‘Five leaves left’ is an all time favourite album  and  I think my songs are very close in spirit to his. There is an ‘otherworld’ quality to his music which is timeless. The ability to make time stand still with a spirit that seems to come from nowhere and returns there after casting its spell. Unfettered by a musical ‘style’.


George Harrison

Nick Drake

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